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Cida Diehl

Cida Diehl was born and educated in Brazil and is currently living in Carlsbad, California. She has a teaching degree from EE Carlos Maximiliano Dos Santos and law degree at the Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas. Shortly after she completed her law degree, she immigrated to America to be with her husband, Van Diehl.


Cida served in the United States Power Squadron, America’s Boating Organization, at local, district and national level for twenty-two years.  Her positions included: librarian, membership chair, instructor, educational officer, executive officer and chair of seminars and electives grade courses. Last but not least, she served as the Commander for San Luis Rey Sail and Power Squadron in Oceanside, California in 2013. Currently she served as Assistant Educational Officer for District 28 and San Luis Rey Sail and Power Squadron.

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As you might have guessed, Cida’s passion is sailing and boating in general. She is intelligent, hardworking, dedicated and generous with her time and skill in helping others. She is an advocate for ONG, an organization in Brazil that rescues abandoned dogs and cats on the streets in Rio de Janeiro. Cida also enjoys traveling and learning about various cultures. She appreciates being out in nature, listening to the birds, watching the clouds, feeling the breeze and adoring the flowers, especially roses and orchids.


Cida is new to yoga; however, she finds that yoga and meditation are truly beneficial to her wellbeing. She is a valuable board member; her devotion to helping others aligns beautifully with the SSYWG mission.

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