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Johanna Lang

Johanna Lang, South Sound Yoga and Wellness Group vice-president


Johanna has pursued sports for fun and community during her college years in Austria. Her professional interests brought her to the San Francisco Bay Area.  During intense years as a professional and businesswoman kept herself healthy and sane with Jazzercise dance aerobics. Following a desire for more mindful movement she found yoga and became a regular practitioner.

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Johanna has been a certified yoga teacher since 2009 and has taught yoga and related mind/body fitness classes near her former home in the San Francisco Bay area. In 2021 she moved to Shorecrest near her SSYWG friends and business partners. Equal to her love for yoga Johanna has a love for dance. She has taken classes in belly dance, classical Persian dance and dance meditation and is an enthusiastic participant in the SSYWG Beginner Ballet class.

Johanna is also pursuing her interest in spiritual development. Through ongoing study she is deepening her understanding how mindful movement and meditation in a supportive community bring about physical vitality, emotional balance and spiritual awakening.

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