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Linda Wexler

Linda Wexler is a physician, wife, mother and lay contemplative who believes the interconnection of body, mind and spirit can be used for improving health and well being.


Linda’s meditative experience began as a teenager, learning the transcendental basis of the philosophy of Thoreau.  Meditative training has been ongoing since then, both formal and experiential.  The training has expanded to include the study of medicine, end of life issues and many years of learning from master meditators through individual mentoring, seminars, conferences and retreats.


Through a remarkable set of coincidences, Linda has enjoyed the privilege of sixteen years of training and friendship with the Sufi master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.  A most meaningful gift of Pir’s teachings is a unique awareness and perspective.  The gift of the meditative process is the guidance and help in experiencing life’s offerings, both the challenges, and the love and beauty.

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